Pitfired Pottery

The DinnerWare Classes

Classes for me will begin again in January. I won't be teaching a beginning wheel or Raku this term.

Friday's class Dinnerware Class. This class will begin on Friday January 9th at 7pm -10pm and go for 10 weeks.

dinner class

The class notes finclude a varity of shapes that we will be making. It also includes the weights and sizes in guideline form.

Potters that make shapes for sets or similar sizes always know the weights of clay to use for a particular piece.

I have been asked many times how to make certain shapes and what those shapes require in weight. So this term, I've dug out all my notes on weights for dinnerware shapes. How much weight of clay do you need for a two quart pitcher? A 4 quart casserole? A 12" dinner plate? An Ice Cream Bowl? I hear questions like this all the time in the studio. It's been years since I have done any real high fire work. (Real for me: Making at least 36-100 of an item in one throwing period)

However, as you know, Life advances in spirals (sometimes circles!) and it is now time again, to make things for the house, my brother, and some friends. It's a time for me to revisit that area but with a different perspective thus altering my concept of "dinnerware". Should we assume that we want to eat from this ware? Is it OK for that cup to dribble if we're giving it to that 'special uncle'? Hard to say....today.

I'm inviting only a certain few to travel with me for this 10 week class. You'll have to sign up early to grab a spot.


DinnerWare Class

All of us

Here's a picture looking down the table after we put set up all the food, place settings, casseroles, vases, bowls and even our forks and knives. The table was 16 feet long and barely held all that we brought. We decided to each chose someone else's place setting to eat off of.

Molly Robert

Here is Molly, Leon and Robert surveying the many dishes brought to the Pot Luck. You can see now why only the best cooks are envited into the class! There were no "commercial" foods brought to this table!

Carola setting the table

Here's Carola making the final fittings for our table. All the place settings were made in the class and were fired just in time!

left side

Another View taken from end.

right side

Marilyn, Carola, Mike and Jackie surveying the table

Mike M

Here's Mike showing his crock and hand made ladle spoon.

Beautiful Jane
Jane giving a smile loving the feast.

Ann and us

While we were eating, we had 14 wheels centered with 4 to 25 pounds of clay. I gave each person 2 minutes before they had to move to the immediate chair left

A toast to the Gods
A Toast to the Gods and...more wine!

musical chairs

After a few minutes, each person was required to move to the next wheel and walk in the path of the person before them.

mb saving a pot

The fixer, doing his thing.

The Watchers

Taking turns rotating in. The Watchers and Time Keepers.